Semi-independent living Care Provider, The Prospering Place was created with a vision for young people to prosper and progress. We believe that young people should be given a chance to reach their full potential regardless of their backgrounds and to be given opportunities to learn and be inspired

Where everyone can prosper and progress

Safe Housing

Life Skills and Support

Mentoring and Support

At The Prospering Place, our objective is to provide high quality semi-independent living services that enable young people to reach their individual potential. To achieve this, we will provide:

Safe housing and stimulating environment for young people

We will provide 24 hour staffing by a member of our highly trained team at all times, in our 24 hour provision and at our step down provisions we meet with young people weekly and the hours depend on their care plan.

Life skills and support

We aim to promote the independence of young people at all times and encourage them toward independence by offering a high level of emotional support and practical help in health and educational/employment issues, cooking, budgeting and living skills.


Mentoring and Support

We offer levels of support which can be increased or decreased as required and in consultation with the placing authority to meet individual needs.

We encourage collaborative work with other organisations such as local Police, drug and alcohol services, domestic violence services, gang workers, health care workers, who may want to visit the home and engage with young people and carry out presentations on a monthly basis.

"I have a HUGE passion for helping others"

Founder and Nurse, Abena

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